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Petition To Remove Joe Biden

Dear Patriot:

The Biden Family knows no shame.  While the Chinese Communist Party steals our trade secrets, spies on Americans and hacks into our Military, the Biden Family partners with them shoving millions of dollars into their own pockets.

No America-hating communist is unsuitable in the Biden Family corruption enterprise.  The Biden Family has used over 20 shell companies to hide their dirty money from their communist friends.  Over $20 Million dollars has been stuffed into the Biden Family coffers.

Joe Biden lied about his family’s activities and about the intricate role he played.

“10 Percent to the Big Guy”

The House of Representatives has begun the Impeachment Process as laid out in our Constitution.  It is critical that we let them know the American people stand with them and demand justice.

Please fill out the form below and add your name.  Stand with us to demand justice!

Please also consider forwarding this email to your friends and family and ask them to stand with us as well.

We must not be afraid of standing for what is right.  All that is necessary in this world for evil to prevail is for you and me to do nothing.

America is worth fighting for! Local Action = National Impact

Michael T. Flynn, LTG, USA (Retired)

Petition to Remove Joe Biden

Now is the time for good men and women to stand up,

step up, and speak up for our country!

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Now is the time for good men and women to stand up, 

step upand speak up for our country!

Local Action = National Impact