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General Flynn
Photo Credits: General Michael Flynn

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A PAC to Save America

“We have real enemies, dedicated to dominating and eventually destroying us,

and they are not going to be talked out of their hatred”.

Our Mission

We will protect and defend our constitutional and God-given rights. We will advance the idea of American exceptionalism. We will be unapologetic standing up for American values and principles. We will not back down from anyone or anything when it comes to saving America. 

Our objectives include:

  1. Fighting for America first issues and leaders. 
  2. Expanding the voices of all Americans.
  3. Advocating for and standing firmly in support of family values.
  4. Focusing on local actions that create a national impact.

We are fundamentally responsible for securing the future of our people and we can pursue this goal boldly in the knowledge that doing so has the derivative effect of improving the lives of people around the globe.

General Michael Flynn
Photo Credits: ReAwaken America Tour

“Local Action results in National Impact but only if we make the decision to be

courageous for our families, our communities and our country.

The time to stand up, step up and speak up is now.”

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